The tournament will be played using the Swiss System with 11 rounds. 

The national rankings will not be taken into account for pairings. 

The rate of play will be in accordance with the FIDE rules: 90 minutes plus an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move one. 

Default time is 15 minutes.

Tie break criteria: 

a) the games between the tied players (only if all tied have played each other)

b) Buchholz cut 1

c) Buchholz

d) Sonneborg,

e) the greater number of wins

f) Average Rating of Opponents ARO


Direct titles available to winners subject to rating criteria

Direct Titles are awarded according to FIDE regulations in force:

FIDE over the board title norms are also possible for the other players based on their performance and their opponent’s titles/ratings as per FIDE Handbook requirements.

FIDE Anti Cheating Measures and guidelines are in effect during the championship.


According to FIDE Rules are prohibited inside the tournament hall:

  • Electronic Devices

  • Mobile phones

  • Any other radio frequency source (except for medical purposes upon authorization provided by the CA)

  • Wrist watches (all type of wrist watches)

  • Personal pens 


The Chief Arbiter will be announced in due time. FIDE Technical Delegate will be announced in due time.

Protests against decisions of the Chief Arbiter or his assistants must be submitted in written form to the Chairman of the appeals committee within 30 minutes after the completion of the respective game. 

The protest must be accompanied with the sum of 200 € as a deposit from the signatory. 

The deposit must be handed to the Chairman of the appeals committee. 

If the appeal is granted, the sum shall be returned immediately. 

If the appeal is refused, the deposit may be forfeited to FIDE. 

Appeals Committee will be announced in due time.


All delegations should abide by specific security regulations. 

Each National Federation shall be responsible for their delegations including damages to property.